If it’s time for a hearing test, here’s what’s involved

Step 1. Tests, Explanation, Options Discussion

First, a thorough medical and hearing history is taken and we will discuss any concerns you may have about your hearing. Then, using some of the most advanced technology the industry has to offer, we will assess your hearing. With sound simulations, a large LCD screen and video tools, we’ll explain your results clearly, giving everyday examples. If a hearing loss is identified, we’ll discuss possible treatment options, including ENT referral if appropriate, explaining in full. Should you wish to consider hearing aid technology, as an independent clinic, we can objectively review all world-leading product options and will make a professional recommendation – again, with a full, clear explanation using product models. At this point, you’ll be armed with personally relevant information. You’ll choose to leave it there or trial a new hearing technology solution.

Step 2. Fitting, Verification, Validation, Care & Maintenance

Your hearing solution is fitted to ensure both physical and acoustic comfort. While we show you everything on-screen, we’ll verify and validate the response of the devices to match not only your hearing loss information, but also your specific physical ear acoustics and personal listening preferences. Using Live Speech we can illustrate, even with your spouse or partners voice, the improvement the devices are delivering, in real time on the screen in front of you. Your hearing solution is truly bespoke. Take them home, to meetings at work and out with friends. Test-drive your new sound.

Step 3. Fine-tuning & Optimisation

After an initial acclimatisation week, we are ready to optimise the devices. This introduction of new sound will have increased your auditory capacity, subsequently requiring finetuning to improve the performance that makes speech even easier to recognise in more complex listening settings. Working together closely once a week for 2-3 weeks, we’ll design and deliver the best performance solution for you. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied, you have two options: receive 100% of your money back on the devices or exchange that value into a second option. However, our goal is to transform your hearing from being hard work and tiring at times, to effortless and more passive hearing.


Most people find they’re happy with their technology solution and understand how to get the best from the devices. Others would like or require auditory training. This is a web-based listening program that helps stimulate and “re-wire” the auditory system that improves auditory processing capacity even further. The hearing aids by now deliver an optimised acoustic scene, but the brain may need exercises to enable processing new sounds, and translate them into meaningful messages.

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