Hear from Our Clients

Mike D – Doctor, Husband, Golfer

“I have been using the Starkey Halo devices for just over a week. Life without them is like looking out a window, through the rain, in fading light. No detail, no colour, not quite making sense of it all. The advantage of the” Halo” is that it puts me back in control. I can use my iPhone to choose presets eg. crowds or restaurants, and fine tune or adjust to the environment then store geo-tagged settings, mute everything (except for my wife) when necessary and actually hear phone calls. After just one week, I am not sure how I managed without them.

I am delighted with the assessment, advice and support I have received from Rachel and Hearing Studio”

Emma – Supermum, Friend, Wife

Emma: 36 years old and I have hearing aids! Who would have thought?! I certainly didn’t think that I would be wearing them. And to be honest, every few hours I check to see they are still there! My hearing aids are so light and comfortable.

I knew getting hearing aids would help me hear better, but I didn’t realise it would help me relax and give me so much more energy! I must have been using so much energy to just listen to people, that now I have all that energy reserved to run after my 3 gorgeous kids. Before I could hear noise, but now I can understand that noise as words and even hear the whispers I couldn’t previously! A big thanks to Hearing Studio.”

Jason – Barrister, Dad, Student

“I have lived with poor hearing for just about my whole life, and I could always tell myself that it didn’t really hold me back. I was after all reasonably successful professionally and personally, and was managing just fine. Meetings? No problem… just make sure you are sitting in the right place so you can see everyone’s face while they’re speaking.

But taking a totally honest look at myself, I had to admit that I was avoiding some situations where I knew my hearing might be an issue. It was affecting me professionally and socially – not a lot, but enough. I think it is hard for people who don’t have a hearing impairment to understand why it seems easier to work around the problem than to correct it, but that’s what I did for many years.
I finally admitted to myself that my hearing really was holding me back in some important areas. I had some intensive training coming up, and some likely career changes not far away, so I decided it was time to fix my hearing for good. After searching around the web for some time, I consulted Rachel Deane at the Hearing Studio in Melbourne, who was offering a trial of Starkey SoundLens hearing aids. I wasn’t absolutely determined to get an “invisible” solution but it seemed like as good a place as any to start…

…And for what it’s worth, nobody can see them. Even with a very close look it’s hard to see them.
The fitting process was straightforward, although it took a couple of tries to get the right ear fitment quite right. My requirements as a busy, active professional in a lot of different sound environments might not be the same as everyone else’s, and Rachel spent a lot of time setting the devices to suit me.
I waited too long for this. If you know that your hearing is affecting your life, don’t keep putting off doing something. The hearing technology that’s available today is just amazing and there’s so much you could be hearing.” – Jason DK